Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ENTERTAINING 101: Focal Points

This tip continues our series on getting your home ready for entertaining.

Focal Points
Have a focal point that establishes your theme in your main room. This will anchor your theme.  Decorating around this featured item will help the flow from room to room.  

Art & Accessories
What you hang on your walls and what you showcase as accessories will have an impact.  One of my clients likes to tell stories about an over-sized tribal necklace that hangs in a focal spot of their home. The story changes regularly, depending on the gullibility and sense of humor of their guest.

Lighting is crucial, as it establishes the rooms ambiance.  Put dimmer switches on overhead can lights. The dining room, foyer and outdoor lights are a good place to start to create your desired effect.  

At different times in your evening you may want to adjust your lighting. Candles can be lovely, but watch out for breezes from fans, a/c vents, or opened windows. There are whole house lighting systems that can create scenes from romantic to super bowl party with just a flick of a switch.
Take a good look at your space. Step back with a critical eye and ask yourself,  "Is my home comfortable, guest friendly, tasteful, and do I like the way it lives and feels?"  If you answer yes to all , then you have done a great job of getting your home ready for entertaining.  If not, remember, simple changes can work wonders! 

Good luck in creating a lovely home environment.