Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Renovation/ReDesign for a home with Chinese Drywall

Kingon Homes and Southern Showcase just completed a renovation for a client's home that had Chinese Drywall in it. The final product was a home that is now an entertaining showcase.

Click HERE to view/download a copy of an article in Your Home magazine detailing this project, or click HERE to view an online copy of the magazine (the article is on page 15).

Monday, February 9, 2015

Serenity, Beauty & Function In A Master Bath

Our client wanted a prettier master bathroom that had a spa like feeling.  They wanted a separation between his and her sink on the vanity, and they wanted extra storage space. They wanted to keep a tub in the room, but thought the existing tub was too cumbersome and intrusive.

We all decided a freestanding slipper tub was the perfect selection for a new tub  The old tub deck was removed, a tile wainscot was installed on two of the tub perimeter walls to the bottom of the glass block.  Glass shelves were installed between the glass block and the tub to hold the remote controlled battery operated candles. So romantic!

Matching stone was found and an accent mosaic tile borders the tub area, the top of the wainscot and the inset between wood frames and mirror over the vanity.

Cabinets are custom made of maple wood and colored a light  chiffon.  Counter tops are light colonial dream granite. His and her sides are divided by a signature furniture piece cabinet, allowing for good functional storage.

The overall effect is serenity and beauty that functions well for the client.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Do YOU Have An Appliance Garage?

Every project brings unique needs to the table. We were to take a dark kitchen and make it brighter, as well make it function  better for the client.  

Specifically, the client wanted us to move microwave from the island, add an area to hide a computer and charging station, eliminate one of the dishwashers, add a recycle area, and modify the refrigerator to look more like an furniture piece and not so industrial like the existing stainless unit.

The cabinets were in excellent condition and the client liked the layout with just a few modifications.  We modified the existing pantry so we could move the microwave to that area.   An "appliance garage" was added to house the computer and charging station. A beverage cooler was remove from the center island and additional cabinet was put in it's place.

Cabinets were refinished in a medium white with a tea stain glaze.  We were able to keep existing counter tops.  We added a new Sub-Zero refridgerator and a new dishwasher. The remaining appliance were in good shape and functioned well for the client.

The final outcome is a bright beautiful kitchen that gives the clients everything they want their kitchen to be.