Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

Mirrors (on left) open the room and reflect the gorgeous view!
Mirrors - the decor miracle worker! 

Want to enlarge your space visually?  A mirror can give the allusion of width or depth, and can create a longer line of vision. 

Mirrors can draw attention away from a problem area.  For instance, perhaps a bathroom or kitchen opening off of a formal room is an element you want to hide. Mirrors on both sides of the opening diminish the attention of the opening and can reflect a pretty view from another part the room or the outside.

Naturally dark rooms can be made lighter with the use of mirrors.  Concave or convex mirrors become interesting art. A client recently installed a large mirror with a series of small convex pyramid shaped mirrors on a wall in her beach condo.  Wow! What a look!  It created a larger feeling of space and also acts as the featured art.

Monday, May 13, 2013

DESIGN TIPS: Drywall Detailing

Everyday, ordinary drywall can become a glorious design element with just a little bit of detailing and inspiration! 

For instance, by adding a top layer of drywall to  the  bottom third of an existing wall, you can cut in 2 foot by 2 foot squares the depth of the drywall layer. Add chair rail inside each square and to the top of the newly added drywall.

Bingo! You have created a wainscot. 

This is a great look in a dining room or study.  The wainscot can be painted with wall paint any color of your choice, or even enameled to look like wood. It can also be fauxed it to look like wood, which is much cheaper than real wood.

Let your imagination fly with drywall!