Monday, January 27, 2014

Kitchen Remodels

How do you determine what needs to be done for a kitchen remodel? 

The project can be as simple as refinishing the cabinets or as complex as a full remodel. If the cabinets are in good condition but look tired and worn, and the kitchen has a good work flow, adequate counter space and appropriate lighting, simply refinishing cabinetry could be the answer to creating a “new” kitchen. Adding new counter tops and a full tile backsplash can enhance an outdated kitchen as well.

If the kitchen lacks these elements, then it may warrant a full renovation.

When updating a kitchen, it’s always good to update your appliances so you can have all the latest advances in cooking and refrigeration, making your life easier.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Why hire a "Design Build Firm"

 Kingon Homes is a full service design build firm, and we're often asked what a design build firm is, how it differs from a general contracting firm, and why you should hire one for your next project. 

As a design build firm, we use a team approach. The team consists of the client, designer, architectural  designer and the builder, who determine the scope of the work and budget.  

A conceptual plan is developed and preliminary pricing is obtained prior to proceeding with construction drawings.  Most general contracting firms will bid on plans drawn by others and are not involved in the planning and developing stages.

We are a firm that includes you, the client, in every phase of the project to the degree you wish to be involved. All our projects, from custom homes, to kitchen or bath renovations, to large and small scale interior or exterior remodels, are a team endeavor from start to finish. 

Call us today to learn about our team approach for your project!